Okoli - The New Group Tour

Our Mission: Transform Group Tours

Better for Customers

Discovering a place should be an intimate and engaging experience that lets you get a real feel for the history, culture and lives of the people. That’s why Okoli tours are limited to a maximum of eight people. No megaphones or “follow-the-umbrella” tours.

Okoli tours are led by some of the best and most experienced guides in the business (most are private guides when they're not giving tours for Okoli). But despite the great guides and the small group sizes, our prices are comparable to the price you'd pay for a large group tour. It’s like getting a private tour, but without the huge price tag.

Better for Guides

For typical group tours of 25+ people, guides often earn low pay. Okoli believes that the best guides should be able to achieve better earnings for delivering the highest quality tours. The small group tour experience is much better for guides too, since they don’t have to handle a large group and shout just to be heard.

We hope you will enjoy your Okoli tour! Please let us know what you think or if there’s anything we could do better. We love hearing from our customers!

Easy Ordering

Use our desktop or mobile site to choose and book your tour with just a few clicks. And there's no waiting to find out if your tour has been confirmed - as soon as you order on Okoli, your tour is ready to go.

Easy Refunds

Getting a refund on a tour is just a click away. Go to your order details and cancel all or part of your order - no need to contact customer service.

Great Customer Service

But if you do need help with your order, we provide fast, efficient customer service by email. There's no need to contact the guide - Okoli can handle all your needs directly. Contact us at support@okoli.com.